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I May Have A Buyer Match For Your Home

Buyers Want More Choices – Your property has been identified as a “high probability match.”  

We reached out to you because YOUR PROPERTY is a  MATCH for one of these NINE scenarios listed below.

y you?

The MLS offers a healthy choice of property however those properties “are not always a match for our buyer.” Buyers come to us because in part our speciality is “finding property off the normal grid.” You received contact from us because “your property matches” at least one of these situations. And in many of these cases there is NO FEE charged to you as many buyers pay us to “find them their primary home” or an investment property.

For relocation companies, for investors, for 2nd home buyers and general property acquisition, our speciality is assisting buyers in locating “off market property”.

The 9 scenarios  – you match at least one.

* Your property is currently leased but you are receptive to selling (we have nationwide relationships with property managers)
* Your property “was on the market” last month or in recent years that did not sell but you are receptive to selling
* You are a rehabber or it is presently being rehabbed or about to begin
* Your recently inherited property
* You or a family member are moving to a long term facility (retirement home)
* Your property is “for sale by the owner” in a private sale (no agents) make up 10% of all property sales
* You are an Estate Liquidator  and have a constant influx of housing inventory
* You are a home builder with current spec homes or intend on building more – we may have a relocation buyer for you
* Your property recently flooded, or went through a weather related (or fire related) event (even in the middle of insurance claims)

Fox Financial

While we have a program that attracts buyers and we do hope we have your match, we do want to disclose that we are also licensed agents, in some cases we (Fox Financial) have the desire to buy the property.


We have already gathered quite a bit of information for your property with the primary data being your property’s Velocity Report that reveals the health of your market. We have information from Zillow and your tax record, however there are a few features we need insight on. 

Tell us about the property you’d like to sell off market.