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We serve the international luxury home buyer. In contacting you, we are hoping to be introduced to homeowners that are considering selling or can introduce us to an owner that is looking to sell in the next 3-12 months.

We are Fox Financial Relocation Buyer Home Division. We locate off-market properties to show our qualified buyer pool.

  • We show our buyers property not just in the MLS – but also homes For Sale By Owner
  • We find find rental properties and ask landlords if they will sell
  • We contact expired listings to determine if they are still interested in selling

Certain buyers have a limited time to view property and are operating on deadlines. Our aim has been to serve the international buyer market that has a sense of urgency. Our speciality is discovering and evaluating properties outside the MLS. Thus, we contacted you.


Do we have to sign anything?


There is no need to sign anything at this stage. At this point we are determining if your property is a great match for our buyer pool.

Our agreement with relocation companies, overseas buyers, and our national network is that every property be pre-evaluated prior to the purchaser entering the property. Pre-evaluation of a property:

  1. ) the interior kitchen, baths, master bedroom, flooring, lights and color scheme. Plus characteristics of the lot. We are trained to “score the property” to confirm if the property will be included in the buyer tour of homes;
  2. ) the Velocity of the property’s market to best predict what level of appreciation or depreciation exists around the subject property;
  3. ) to determine if the property is priced correctly based on item 1 and 2 above.
If the buyer wants to purchase the property, do we owe a fee?

It depends.

Sellers do not always have to pay an agent that brings a buyer. It is negotiable. If it is considered investment property, the buyer often includes the broker fee in their purchase.

If the transaction involves a relocation buyer, the referring company is expecting Fox to get a signed agreement from the seller that agrees to pay Fox for bringing the buyer to the transaction.

Fees are often 1.75% of the sale price up to 2.7%.

When you pre-evaluate my property, is it an official appraisal?

No. It is not an official appraisal.

Prior to viewing a property we have gathered quite a bit of data that reads into the “appreciation or depreciation pattern” of property value near your home. We do this nationwide and excel at reading trends in the market.

Upon request, we will conduct an in-person review or via Zoom with the home seller to show “our pricing evaluation of your home” and how we present it to buyers.

Do all of your buyers purchase with cash?

Approximately 50% of the purchasers use no financing contingency.

Can I stay in the home after closing?

This is an item that is negotiated in the sale contract.