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Boyd and Cheryl,

Here is an update of a part of your current property’s marketplace DNA as of 7 5 23

There are xx for sale and xx under contract. The question is, is this remarkable news or unfavorable?

When you are in the housing market, it is wise to know the DNA of your current property and those in your destination market.

We truly are looking for a LEAP property for you. It may be a leased property, an expired listing, a current active listing, or a current pending. You have no obligation to us and simply appreciate the opportunity you have presented to us. If possible, if you were to see a property online, we would love the opportunity to show you the property and study its DNA.

Why does DNA matter? Because the bad DNA eats your equity.

Depreciation kills your investment. Here is why an area could be going down in value. And why it rises. These DNA trends are measured by the ERC. (Employee Relocation Council)

DEPRECIATION – No one likes depreciation in their home, and many people do not believe it is happening to them. Here is one indicator when depreciation occurs. When the list of properties for sale in your price point, in your immediate area vs those under contract exceeds 5 sellers for every 1 buyer. (Other factors to observe – the “days on the market” goes over 100, the amount of “failed or expired listings” exceeds 10% of the total housing inventory in that market.

NEUTRAL – Some markets are neither a “buyers market” or a “sellers market.” Neutral markets occur when there are approximately 3 sellers on the market for every 1 buyer under contract. The days on the market tend to be 60 days or less for recent sales.

APPRECIATION – Your property, or any property will appreciate if you “pump it full of money to improve it”, or if the ground increases in value. One way to know your ground is increasing in value is if 1) there are homes being torn down so other larger homes can be built 2) if there are thriving builders near your property.

We are exceptional at interpreting market data with hopes of serving you. We have gathered quite a bit more about your curRent property DNA and its value.Would it be possible to view your current residence? Here are two benefits to you.

  1. ) To add to our LEAP property inventory list – if we have a buyer when you are ready to sell the broker fee is greatly reduced – large savings and no need to list it
  2. ) To provide you great insight to your true equity position

If your property is in the LEAP program, it is not listed for sale. It is on our “reserve list.” And you the seller determines if a close date is 3 months, 6, 12 or possibly 18. There is no cost and no obligation.

Bryan Kelsey
Relocation Director for Fox
Leader of SW Florida Sales Force
Melissa Abele
Fox Financial Luxury 
Licensed with eXp Globally


x We appreciate your help but are not ready to have you view our current home to determine our equity position.

x We would like to discuss an appointment date to review our property value (but we are not listing it for sale at this time)

x We actually are ready to list the property and we would like to hear what you have to say.

x NA right now


x If we see a property, we are happy to contact you to set the appointment and gather DNA data regarding that marketplace.

x If we see a property, we will probably call the listing agent for access to view it.

x If we find a property right now that would be great.

x If it takes another two years, that would be fine.